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Summary : Homosexuality 2, spring 2001-19-1

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Philippe Gutton

Homosexual process at puberty

Jean Bergeret

┤ Homosexuality or ┤ homoerotism ¬ in adolescence ¬

Colette Chiland 

Transsexuality transexualism and homosexuality at puberty

Serge Lesourd 

Emergence of homosexuality during adolescence : ┤ les gens de la m╦re ¬

Daniel Marcelli 

Primary narcissism and homosexuality in adolescence

Claude Savinaud 

Having a father

Christian Seulin 

Modifications of the phallic symbol in adolescence

Jean-Bernard Chapelier 

Homosexuality, homophilia and the fantasy of auto-engendering

Marie Christine Aubray


Andre Brousselle 

Impassioned movements and impassioned transference psychoses

Marie Jose Del Volgo et Roland Gori 

The birth of a homosexual passion and the failure of its repression

Anna Victoi 

Extreme femininity-orpheus and the magic theatre

Fran┴ois Pommier 

From parental passion to nascent homosexuality

Alix Bernard 

The choice of the homosexual object and belonging to the deaf community

Philippe Pierre T╚do 

A directed abusive experience

Ludovic Gadeau 

Figure of fatherÝs affectation during adolescence

Catherine Ternynck 

Clinical study of female homosexuality in adolescence

Michel Fize 

Homosexuality in the 11-15 year olds

Franklin Rausky

A case of a divided adolescent : a multiple personnality disorder at the beginning of the 19 th century

Marcel Houser 

A doubtful beauty or the adolescence in question

Florence Goldberg 

Gushing visions of the pubertal scene


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